The game ended on October 30th.

the story so far....

A virus has evolved and is spreading quickly with effects that are disturbing and potentially disastrous for all of humanity!

Because the virus has a short incubation period where the infected person can spread the disease. After the incubation period, the disease fully manifests itself by causing painful deformities turning the poor inflicted person into a mindless zombie destined to roam the earth moaning for mercy.

But there is still hope for humanity. Center for Disease Control (CDC) scientists have been working on a cure for the disease. Just as the disease was spreading around the world, scientists at the MVCC Research Center discovered the antidote. Unfortunately, the disease spread too quickly and infected the scientists before they could distribute the cure. Some humans believe that it is not too late. They believe that the formula for the cure is still out there to be discovered.

Can you help find the formula before ALL humans are infected?